Damage Waiver


The purchase, and subsequent payment, of the Damage Waiver will guarantee a binding agreement between Renter and Cyclone Jump to relieve Renter of liability covered by this agreement. Renter is obligated to pay the Damage Waiver fee BEFORE the setup and use of any and all Cyclone Jump equipment, and not after, in order for the agreement to be valid. The occurrence of any event that causes damage to Cyclone Jump units before Damage Waiver is purchased will not be covered. The cost of Damage Waiver is 10% of your rental fee.

The events COVERED under the Damage Waiver agreement include damage caused by:

  • Rain or flood

  • Fire (not intentional fire caused by Renter)

  • Damage caused by wind storm

  • Damage caused by riot (for large events)

  • Damage caused by collision (not foreseeable)

  • Damage caused by any acts of God (i.e. tree fall, lightning, earthquake, hailing)


    The events NOT COVERED under the Damage Waiver agreement include:

  • Theft of any Cyclone Jump unit(s)

  • Intentional damage arising from, but not limited to:

    – Sharp objects intentionally used on or in a unit
    – Use of any chemical compound that can harm a unit ! Silly String inside a unit, gum, paint, face paint.

  • Any damage from misuse arising from, but not limited to, any disregard of safety rules located on unit.

  • Any damage arising from relocation or modification of unit without Cyclone Jump’s approval.

    Cyclone Jump warrants that they will not hold Renter responsible for any damages, which resulted from the events, covered under this agreement. This warranty is in lieu of any, and all other warranties expressed or implied by Cyclone Jump and any of its representatives. Renter acknowledges, through payment for Damage Waiver, that he/she understands the full terms of the agreement and agrees to take responsibility for any damages to Cyclone Jump units that are not covered under the Damage Waiver.

    By purchasing insurance, I certify that I have read and understood the above information and I agree to the terms and conditions of the current agreement.